Ever Lay Siege?


You might not be strong enough to throw a pumpkin, or you might just love the idea, so just build a Catapult! Or a Trebuchet!  It's time to get Medieval!

Now after you build your machine, why not bring it on by and see if you can hit a target with it? The winner will get to split the pot with us.

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Do This, Not That


1. No idiots (We reserve the right to toss anyone caught being an idiot. The judge may choose to boot an idiot or a whole team over a single idiot. NO REFUNDS.)

2. If you are confused by the “No Idiots” rule, please do not enter.

3. No contestant may consume alcohol within 12 hours of the first throw of the day. The judge may choose to boot an individual or a whole team if there is reason to believe a contestant has consumed alcohol within this time frame. NO REFUNDS.

4. We do not mess with the laws of physics involved with these weapons; ANY TEAM FOUND TO BE DISRESPECTFUL OF SUCH LAWS WILL BE TOSSED. NO REFUNDS. (The judge may choose to boot an individual or a whole team.)

5. Catapults must be set up on a trailer by 9 AM the morning of the contest; failure to set up by this time will result in a loss.

6. All contestants must be signed in.

7. All contestants must wear on their chest an official and numbered bib.

8. The bib must be visible at all times.

9. All catapults should have their number clear and visible on both sides of the catapult. Failure to do so will result in a loss.

10. There is a limit of 1000 feet on the range. Catapults cannot be capable of throwing over 1000 feet. Any catapult suspected of being able to will be disqualified.

11. Catapults should be structurally sound. Any catapult suspected of being not structurally sound will be disqualified.

12. Catapults may throw 6-12 pound pumpkins.

13. A fire off the course will result in an instant loss.

14. The contest is to attempt to hit a target and capture points for your hit. Targets will be marked with rings qualifying 10-100 points and one 500 point "Hail Mary" small target. Each team will get 5 shots and max points wins the contest. (On each throw a team can call a "Hail Mary." Only on a called "Hail Mary" may a team attempt a 500 point shot.)

15. The judges’ decisions are final.

16. If you argue with a judge, please see rule 1.