Hurl your way Into History


We’re not looking for any wimps. We’re looking for strength. 

Throw a pumpkin!

It’s this simple. Pick up a pumpkin and throw it. The person who throws the pumpkin the farthest wins.* Victor is determined by multiplying the weight of the pumpkin by the distance thrown. But don’t worry if someone ties…we have ways of breaking those. We just throw more pumpkins because those orange beauties just love to be air born.  

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all you have to do

1. No idiots... (We reserve the right to toss anyone caught being an idiot.. NO REFUNDS.)

2. If you are confused by the “No Idiots” rule, please do not enter.

3. No contestant may consume alcohol within 12 hours of the first throw of the day. The judge may choose to boot an individual if there is reason to believe a contestant has consumed alcohol within this time frame. NO REFUNDS.

4. All contestants must be signed in.

5. All contestants must wear on their chest an official and numbered bib.

6. The bib must be visible at all times.

7. Contest will end at 4:00.

8. Last pumpkin may be purchased 1 hour prior to 4:00.

9. Pumpkins are sorted by weight in bins with the weight written on each pumpkin.

10. Pumpkins must be picked with a judge present.

11. Pumpkins must be marked with their weight and stamped to be thrown.

12. Each contestant gets 3 throws

  • a. A throw= propel with force through the air by a movement of the UNASSISTED arm and hand.
  • b. Any assistance will be an instant disqualification from the contest. NO REFUND.
  • c. Throws are graded on Weight x Distance.
  • d. Scratch disqualifies the throw.
  • e. Pumpkin must stay on the course or the throw is disqualified.

13. Using same rules, contestants may return to back of line after a throw to purchase additional throws at a cost of $5 a pumpkin.

14. Judges’ decisions are final.

15. If you argue with a judge, please see rule 1.